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Personal Historians

Abbott, Linda: Never Forget Legacies & Tributes LLC in Middleton. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Books, Videos, Editing, Writing and Ethical Will/Legacy Letter.

Bieschke, Janet: Capturing Life Stories, LLC in Plymouth. 

Collins, Michelle: Capture Your History LLC in De Pere. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Videos, Classes: Writing Life Stories and Photo Services.

Frost, Mary Beth: Faith Journey Memoirs, LLC in Superior. Specializing in Books, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing and Transcription Services.

Hecht, Anita: Life History Services, LLC in Madison and multiple locations worldwide. Specializing in archival quality professional personal and oral history recording services for individuals, families, communities and organizations, project planning, interviewer training & print/digital editing services. Narrative memoirs, short biographies, digital audio, high-definition video, genealogies, photo archives and more. Email: anita@lifehistoryservices.com

Hessel, Susan: Lessons From Life in La Crosse. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Books, Online Services, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing, Photo Services, Print Publishing/Distribution, Public Speaking and Research: Historical/Genealogy.

Hulstrom, Lindsey: Memories Preserved LLC in Edgerton. Email: brookbesor@gmail.com

Nelson, Ann: Life Messages Media, LLC in Madison. 

Murray, Julie Sneider: In Waukesha. Email: julie.sneider@gmail.com

Tomaszewski, Patty: Committed 2 Memories in Cedarburg. Specializing in Books, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Photo Services and Research: Historical/Genealogy.

Voell, Mary Patricia: Legacies: Personal & Organizational Historians in Fond du Lac. Specializing in Books, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing, Ethical Will/Legacy Letter and Public Speaking. 

White, Sarah: First Person Productions in Madison. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Book, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing, Print Publishing/Distribution and Public Speaking.