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Personal Historians

Adams, John: Storyography in Burbank. Specializing in video services dedicated to preserving memories, life stories, family history and culture.

Anderson, Andy: Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco. Email: andya@wellsfargo.com 

Balseiro, Veronica:  Narratives for Generations in Oakland. Specializing in  hard cover legacy books on life stories, special events, hospice life reviews, memorials and more. Other services: Genealogy research, photography, videography and organizational histories.

Bell, April:  Tree of Life Legacies in Lafayette. Specializing in video storytelling, workshops and online courses.

Blade, Julie: Lifetime Chronicles in Walnut Creek. Specializing in interviewing for personal history books. Email: julieblade@gmail.com

Blumenthal, Laura: Past Forward Publishing in Los Angeles. Life story books, ethical wills/legacy letters, print, publish, distribution and more. Email: ljblu@pastforward2.com

Brady, Andi Reese and Milstein, Susan: Personal History Productions in Santa Rosa. Specializing in preserving stories as a legacy in personal history books and audio histories for individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

Bruetsch, D’Anne:  Klassy Kat Productions in Castro Valley. Specializing in event recording, audio/oral histories, transcriptions, post production. Classes in life story writing, ethical wills/legacy letters, photo services, public speaking and genealogy research.

Corse, Anastacia: In Oakland. Specializing in helping elders preserve their life stories. Email: acorse2014@gmail.com

Delaplane, Kristin: Our American Stories in Danville. Specializing in heirloom books, audio/oral histories, videos, life story writing classes, genealogy research. Journalist for 25 years, author of Storytelling: How to Write an Inspiring Memoir, Oral History or Family Genealogy. Email: kdelaplane@ouramericanstories.com

Doherty, Sue: Stories Matter in Aptos. Life/parenting coach/interventionist. Oral history audio recording, transcription, photography, video, photo/document preservation, writing/editing and print publishing/binding.

Dunbar, Lauren: Memoria Stories in Lafayette. Specializing in interviewing to gather life stories and creating personal history books. Email: ladunbar@pobox.com

Encinias, Jeannette: Personal Historian in Laguna Beach. Personal memoir books.

Fields-Meyer, Tom: Personal Historian in Los Angeles. Email: tom@fields-meyer.com

Fisher, Laurie: Preserving Life Stories in Lakeport. Oral histories: Lifetime Legacy Recordings (CD). Classes: Life story writing and ethical wills/legacy letters.

Fox, Julie: My Life Media in Los Angeles. Personal historian. Email: juliefax@ca.rr.com

Geary, Marilyn: Circle of Life Stories in Woodacre. Specializing in life history videos and memory books for individuals, families, organizations and communities.

Goldin, Sally: Tell Me a Story – Oral and Written Histories in San Francisco. Interviewing, recording, transcribing, editing, printing family history books, theme-based memoirs and special occasion booklets with added photographs/memorabilia. Life story writing classes and ethical wills/legacy letters.

Griesmer, Gail: The Gift of Stories in Truckee. Personal historian. Email: gailgriesmer@gmail.com

Hamilton, Patricia: Park Place Publications in Pacific Grove. Specializing in turning manuscripts into books for authors and their clients around the world since 1982. Services include coaching, development, writing, editing, design/layout, e-book and print publishing, printing and marketing. Email: publishingbiz@sbcglobal.net

Hart, Denice: Personal historian in Crescent City. Email: denicehart@yahoo.com

Inloes, Tory: Personal historian in Costa Mesa. Email: toryinloes@gmail.com

Jennings, Duffy: Our American Strories in Danville. Specializing in heirloom books, audio/oral histories, videos, life story writing classes and genealogy research. A jounalist for more than 40 years. Email: djennings@ouramericanstories.com

Johnson, Marc Aaron: Access Generations in Petaluma. Specializing in heirloom family history books, CDs, DVDs, videos and websites. Preserving family stories, photographs and heirlooms.

Jones, Joanne: Words that Heal. Specializing in Life story writing classes, instructor training and how to teach online. Email: reyesanita@gmail.com

Kahn, Ellie: Living Legacies Productions in Van Nuys. Video biographies/tributes, family history books, biographical comics, life reviews, organizational histories for memorials, special occasions, fundraising events or gifts.

Keyes, Joan: Dovetail Publishing in Grass Valley. Life story book writing, editing, design, photos, printing, genealogy and more.

Kingston, Nancy: Personal Historian in San Clemente. Specializing in online services, life story writing classes, editing and genealogy. Email: nkingston@. cox.net.

Koop, Carla: Memoirs & More in Berkeley. Specializing in helping people create their memoirs . . . and more. Email: cakoop@gmail.com.

Keyes, Joan: Dovetail Publishing in Grass Valley. Life story book writing, editing, design, photos, printing, genealogy and more.

Ledger, Wendy: VoType Transcription Services in Scotts Valley. Specializing in writing and transcriptions.

Luccini, Susan: SML Publishing in Oregon House. Specializing in transferring unique memories of individuals into finely printed books.

Mabry, Jody: Personal Historian in Brentwood. Specializing in preserving life histories through books and audio. Email: jodymabry3@gmail.com

Mannino, Mary Jeannette: Personal Historian in Laguna Niguel. Email: writer1938@gmail.com.

Martin, Peggy: The Family Wealth Consulting Group in San Jose. Specializing in successful wealth management and legacy planning across generations.

Middleton, Anne: Your Life Tales in Carnelian Bay. Specializing in helping you write your life stories and create life story books. Certified Guided Autobiography (GAB) Instructor since 2011. Teaches GAB life story writing classes in La Jolla (winter/spring) and Tahoe Vista (summer/fall). Email: anne.middleton@me.com

Miller, Julie: Life Story Media in San Francisco. Business and personal history documentaries. Your life is your legacy!

Milstein, Susan and Brady, Andi Reese: Personal History Productions in Santa Rosa. Specializing in preserving stories as a legacy in personal history books and audio histories for individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

Moreno, Theo: Your, The Storyteller in Cambria. Personal historian.  Email: theoballgame1@yahoo.com.

Morris, Jill: Your Life~Your Words in Walnut Creek. 

Nilsson, Margaret: Margaret Nilsson Memoirs in Claremont. Email: margaretlifestories@gmail.com 

O’Connor, Gina: In West Sacramento. Email: ahappygh@yahoo.com 

O’Hara, Eileen: In San Francisco. Email: wizardbrains@sbcglobal.net.

O’Reilly, Lisa Lombardi: Your Stories Written in Carpinteria. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Book, Editing, Writing, Photo Services, Research: Historical/Genealogy and Transcription Services.

Orland, Marcia: Afterglow Media in Summerland. Specializing in Books, Videos, Online Services, Ethical Will/Legacy Letter and Public Speaking.

Reyes, Anita: Learn Online Academy in Dana Point. Online classes available worldwide, including: Guided Autobiography (GAB) Instructor Training, How to Teach–and Meet with Clients–ONLINE, Marketing for GAB Instructors & Personal Historians, Preserving Your Health AND Life Stories . . . and more.

Rifkin, Rachael: Life Stories Today in Long Beach. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Books, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing and Public Speaking. 

Roberts, Peta: Vida Voce in Santa Clara. Your Life, Your Voice. Specializing in interviewing, memoirs, photo books and digitization.

Saldinger, Anne Grenn: Looking Back for the Future in San Mateo. Specializing in life story audio recordings, videos, transcripts and legacy books. Life story classes, ethical wills/legacy letters and Genealogy research.

Shafron, Jane: Your Story Here in Mission Viejo. Specializing in video biographies, memorials, corporate video histories, tribute videos, oral histories and photo restoration.

Shannon Stallone: In San Rafael.  http://www.shannonstallone.com/. Specializing in interviewing and writing personal histories.

Siulinski, Craig: Sharing Legacies in San Carlos. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing, Public Speaking, Research: Historical/Genealogy. 

Smeekens, Margaret: Real People Productions in San Diego. Specializing in Videos.

Svensson, Cheryl: Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies in Laguna Woods. 

Swerdlove, Larry: My Family History DVD in Ventura. Specializing in Personal Audio and Video Biographies.

Thurston, Dawn: Memoir Mentor in Villa Park. Specializing in Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing and Public Speaking. 

Uyeda, Lynne Choy: Linking Lives & Legacies in Seal Beach. Specializing in Video production and Written Histories in Manuscript Format. Email: Lynnechoy@earthlink.net

Wolfe, Michael: Still Life Press in Los Angeles. Email: wolfemic@gmail.com 

Wong, Albert: Legacy Media in San Francisco. Email: albert@legacymedia.net 

Woody, Elisabeth: 11stories in Berkeley. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Books, Online Services, Editing, Writing, Ethical Will/Legacy Letter, Photo Services, Print Publishing/Distribution, Public Speaking and Transcription Services.