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Personal Historians

Cohen, Philip: In Lafayette. Email: personalhistoriancohen@gmail.com 

Imer, Nancy: Keeping Your Memories in Lowell. Specializing in Books, Editing, Writing, Photo Services and Transcription Services.

Maloney, Janet: Treasured Keepsake Legacies, LLC in Zionsville. Specializing in Audio/Oral History and Books. 

May, Ron: Your Life – Your Story in Carmel. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Book, Video, Online Services, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing, Photo Services, Public Speaking and Transcription Services. Email: yourlifestory@live.com 

Needler, Chris: Every Life Is Important in Fort Wayne. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Books, Videos, Editing, Writing and Transcription Services. 

Parrott, Carolyn: Kept Memory, LLC in Carmel. Specializing in Books, Videos, Classes: Writing Life Stories and Public Speaking. 

Porter, Gilbert: In Kokomo. Specializing in Editing, Writing, Print Design, Research: Historical/Genealogy and Transcription Services. Email: gwpstories@gmail.com

Szabo, Dawn: Blue Sky Life Stories in Elkhart. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Books, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Ethical Will/Legacy Letter, Photo Services, Public Speaking, Research: Historical/Genealogy and Transcription Services.