Jim Birren and Anita Reyes at USC

Sadly, my dear friend Jim Birren, creator of Guided Autobiography (GAB), passed away on January 15, 2016 at the age of 97.

Considered the father of modern gerontology, he was a brilliant researcher, teacher and author with a kind and gentle heart. I was one of many who loved and admired him.

While we worked on a book together in 2008, I spent several weekends with Jim and his dear wife Betty at their home. Jim and I taught together at USC and at his retirement community in Thousand Oaks. He trained me in his marvelous method and told me to “Go forth and spread GAB.”
I feel that, by training as many instructors as I can, we will all touch the lives of countless families. We’ll carry on Jim’s legacy by helping our GAB class members preserve their precious life stories. That has been Jim’s passion–and continues to be mine.
I will miss you, Jim.

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