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Personal Historians

Bellefeuille, Bette: In Laveen. Email: 2bbellefeuille@gmail.com 

Cox, Patricia Grady: I Remember When…Personal Biography Service in Phoenix. Specializing in Books, Photo Services and Family Histories.

Dees, Dee: LifeStory Lady  in Mesa. Specializing in Books, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing, Ethical Will/Legacy Letter, Print Design, Print Publishing/Distribution and Public Speaking.

DeLong, Jane: Jane DeLong Consulting in Phoenix. Email: jmdconsulting5@gmail.com

Devine, Laurie: This Is Your Life in Phoenix. Email: ladevine1234@cox.net 

Gardner, Chuck: Personal Story Writer in Maricopa. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Editing, Writing, Public Speaking and Research: Historical/Genealogy. Email: chuckgardner@juno.com 

Griffith, Don: Box 13 Family History, LLC in Phoenix. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Videos, Public Speaking and Researching on Historical/Genealogy. 

Johnson, Marion: The Memory Works, LLC  in Sedona. Specializing in Books, Videos, Editing, Writing, Photo Services and Print Publishing/Distribution.

Lowe, Olive: Life Stories by Liv in Mesa. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Books, Editing, Writing, Ethical Will/Legacy Letter, Photo Services, Print Design, Print Publishing/Distribution, Public Speaking and Transcription Services. 

McLaren, Carol: Unique Life Stories in Pinon. Specializing in Books, Video, Classes: Writing Life Stories, Editing, Writing, Public Speaking.

Pender, Steve: Family Legacy Video, Inc. in Tucson. Specializing in Audio/Oral History, Videos and Public Speaking. 

Trent, Michele: Remembered Well in Peoria. Specializing in Audio/Oral History and Public Speaking.